Diabetes Prevention

In the United States, the common disease is Diabetes mellitus. There is an estimate of 16 million Americans who were diagnosed of having diabetes and 5.4 million are not aware about this illness. Diabetes is increasing very fast for the past century and will continue to increase among United States’ people. According to some research, this illness is one of the big factors that cause a big death rate in America every year. Can you imagine that? Don’t wait for the time to be diagnosed with this kind of disease because you will feel sorry in the end. This article will give you more information how to prevent such disease, things you have to do to avoid it and information about Diabetes Symptoms Checker.

Diabetes usually occurs whenever our body is not producing enough insulin. Insulin helps sugar, starches and other food in our body to be converted into energy. If you have a high level of blood glucose or sugar then that is an indicator that you have Diabetes mellitus. Insulin and glucagons help our body to maintain a normal level for our blood glucose or sugar. Glucagons help our liver to produce glucose coming from its cells into our blood for energy production.

These are the common types of diabetes:

1) Type 1 diabetes

2) Type 2 diabetes

3) Gestational diabetes

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes hinder a person’s normal life. If glucose’s breakdown stopped completely, fats and proteins become the alternative source of our body energy. Because of this abnormal process in our body, symptoms like polyuria (frequent urinating), polydipsia (extreme thirst), polyphegia (increase in appetite), and excessive weight loss are the common symptoms that you may observe to those people who have diabetes. Human’s normal blood sugar only range from 70 mg/dl up to 110 mg/dl. Hypoglycemia is the term for blood sugar lesser than 70 mg/dl while blood sugar which is more than 110 mg/dl is called Hyperglycemia.

Some research found out that diabetes in one of the great factors which causes adult blindness, gangrene (were mass body tissues dies), end-stage renal disease and amputations so that’s why diabetes symptom checker is advice. Stress, lack of exercise, over weight and family history are the common reasons why people acquire diabetes. If you left your blood sugar consistently high, it may end to kidney failure, neuropathy and cardiovascular problems. Patients with diabetes are very at risk of having coronary heart disease and may lead to stroke. Gestational diabetes for pregnant women is very dangerous for them to have because it can also put their fetus in danger.

Diabetes mellitus is not completely incurable but can be prevented by changing one’s lifestyle. Diabetes Symptom Checker is really important to initially diagnose it. So you need to conduct more research about diabetes and how to avoid things which can lead you to this illness. It is the patient’s responsibility to take care himself/herself and be cautious about their diet. They also need to conduct regular exercises, regular check up and proper medication. Remember, prevention is better than cure so don’t let it happen to you before it’s too late. Today, advance researches about diabetes have led to greater ways of preventing diabetes and treating its complications.